vrijdag 30 oktober 2009

I'm on fire!

Damn It's going way to fast, I finished another 3 models today.
So I now have 3 models of my command squad and 1 attack bike done.

I'm on fire!

Work in progress

Yesterday I started working on the first attack bike. Alot of people told me I should not use a normal attack bike, and I agree with them. Why make awesome squads on cold ones, but not the attack bikes?

So have alook at one of the 3 attack bikes:

Aint she a beauty?

woensdag 28 oktober 2009

1 down, 26 to go

Well the first one is done, and I must say. I am pretty satisfied with the result.
Although I must confess, it is not truly done. I still need to put a storm shield on the lightning claw. But since it only makes it harder to paint, I disided that I will first paint the model and then assemble the storm shield.
And here is it, the first one:

dinsdag 27 oktober 2009


So I here is the kick-off of my 2 first conversion.

The idea behind the army is that all my Space Marines will be riding cold ones, instead of bikes.
Why cold ones you ask? The cold ones give alot of options to convert and a very awesome models aswell.

Here are the first pictures

First ideas

Last weekend was the GT of Warhammer 40k in Tilburg - the Netherlands.
After 2 days of gaming I managed to the 8th place of the 120 people.

Not bad for my first GT.
And now that I have seen what kind of armys go to the GT, I have got new ideas for a new army. A good friend of mine (whoms name I shall not write down, due safety reasons) gave me a fresh, new and cheesy list for space marines.

Me being a powerplayer could not resist the urge to make the list, but I still I would be missing something. Because even if you have a cheesy list at the GT, you wont get far if it isnt a super awesome army. So there for I will convert the whole army so that the will be riding something way cooler than a bike.

So I will try to post everything I make and keep everyone updated on my new Space Marine army "Hell on dinosaurs"