dinsdag 27 oktober 2009

First ideas

Last weekend was the GT of Warhammer 40k in Tilburg - the Netherlands.
After 2 days of gaming I managed to the 8th place of the 120 people.

Not bad for my first GT.
And now that I have seen what kind of armys go to the GT, I have got new ideas for a new army. A good friend of mine (whoms name I shall not write down, due safety reasons) gave me a fresh, new and cheesy list for space marines.

Me being a powerplayer could not resist the urge to make the list, but I still I would be missing something. Because even if you have a cheesy list at the GT, you wont get far if it isnt a super awesome army. So there for I will convert the whole army so that the will be riding something way cooler than a bike.

So I will try to post everything I make and keep everyone updated on my new Space Marine army "Hell on dinosaurs"

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